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Webinar are an interactive way of conveying information to a geographically dispersed audience. We plan, promote and facilitate your webinar, giving you the opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue with the public sector.

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Our Copywriters create and deliver E-newsletters as a very effective mode of marketing, allowing you to reach a tailored audience who will specifically engage with your organisation's products/solutions.

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Telecommunication & Appointment Setting

Our specialist public sector tele-marketing team create prospects and opportunities for your business. They work on your behalf to generate interest in your products/solutions, making valuable business appointments for you.

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Whitepapers and Point of View Papers

Our Editorial Team contribute exclusive insights into the public sector, writing engaging whitepapers and Point of View Papers, we communicate your business solutions to the public sector in an effective and value-rich way.

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Case Studies

Case studies are a powerful illustration used to demonstrate your businesses' credibility. Our Copywriters write bespoke case studies that illuminate your business products, solutions or services, providing evidence that engages your target audience, resulting in strong business connections.

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Consultancy & Research

We improve our clients' understanding of their target audience, offering new perspectives and generating innovative ideas to meet business objectives. In turn, new business opportunities can be explored.

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When created and delivered correctly, customer surveys identify trends and potential sales prospects. Through the creation of surveys, statistics and analysis, our team open pathways for engagement and partnership between your business and key influencers within the public sector.

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Award Dinners

We recognise innovation and brilliance at Pendulum Media, therefore our award ceremonies were developed to reward these successes. These awards are a fantastic way to raise awareness, as well as celebrate the outstanding achievements and organisations.

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Event Management & Audience Generation

We organise and run a wide range of events, forums and regional meetings, providing you with the opportunity to present your business and network with interested public sector personnel.

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Website Content Creation

From initial concept, through to planning and content creation, we get your message across to your audience in engaging and informative ways.

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Culture of Collaboration

The private sector has a central role in helping public sector organisations achieve their objectives. We facilitate this by effectively closing the gap between the private sector and public sector. We are proud to be part of public sector transformation and influencing change.

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Nurturing Partnerships

We view our client relationships as partnerships. We work closely with you and nurture our business relationships which has led to long-lasting and sucessful partnerships. We share your values and foster a culture of innovation, helping you to make an impact in your sector.

What Makes us Unique?

With the goal to elevate and enhance public service, we possess data of over 300,000 contacts, predominantly comprised of the leaders, stakeholders and key decision makers within the UK public sector. Our rich public sector knowledge and ability to pinpoint the clients who will fully engage with your business solutions is what makes us unique. We reach out to the public sector on your behalf in order to mobilise effective business relationships.

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